Without a number of people, none of the content of the website, the website itself, or the candidate himself would be possible (Cheers mum and dad). The following is a brief thanks and acknowledgement for the hard work they put in. Some of the names listed are being simply acknowledged for their presence but I shan’t distinguish between the two and belittle them as such. I have doubtless missed loads of people and I expect the lawsuits in the post.

Thomas Preece: Web designer, manifesto contributor and all round “average voter” (i.e. exceedingly apathetic and yet permanently pissed off at something.) The one man to have been on every campaign, ASM venture and everything else we’ve got up to (well… not quite everything I’ve got up to but you get the idea.) A true friend.

Jack Ingleby: Producer, video editor, camera man, story boarder (of sorts) and generally instrumental to the video production and campaign 2014. Talented and brilliant chap (and not an arsehole about it)

Sam Tracy: Meme machine, manifesto contributor, editor, driver, owner of beach house filming location and the teams bearded man.

Anna Hepburn: Video editor, manifesto contributor, puts up with Sam Tracy. For that alone, credit is due.

Matthew Tiffin: Was present.

Tom Davies: Instrumental in our 2013 campaign- editor, cameraman, producer, tech know-it-all, manifesto contributor and great with a mic and a camera.

Harry Rhys Brooks: Another veteran of the 2013 campaign- general all knower of social media and promoter of the cause.

Carl Mohr: Running for education 2014. Tried his hand at some jokes. They weren’t very good. Let’s go with manifesto contributor.

Chris Burgess: Designer of Big Duck. I wanted a duck mascot. He wanted something else. Big Duck was born.

Sarah Marr: Director and camerawoman 2012 (if we can call holding a phone somewhat stationary for three videos that… we can, and will.)

Andrew Thompson and Sam Fry: all knowers of the by-laws. They have been vital in telling me that everything I have proposed at the ASM wouldn’t pass. They are yet to be proven wrong.

Nick Swain: Former President, manifesto contributor, banner designer and general Big Duck aficionado who was willing to put our political rivalry to one side and concede defeat by throwing his lot in with me.

Jin of ‘Jin’s Café’ and the staff at the Terrace Bar: They know why.

Hannah Groom: My rock and best friend.

Thanks and acknowledgements also go to: Warwick Monday Club, HBO, Stewart Shevlin, Ben Baker, Jack Rankin, Michael Yip, Markus Markert, Amelie Danielsson, Maciej Jaszczyński, anyone I’ve ever lived with, every candidate conquered in Hope’s wake (one always seems to trump us), Gillian Rutter, David Wenzel, everyone who signed the Game of Warwick SU motion (notably Wayne Drew) and everyone who has ever shared, promoted, talked about and just plain logged in, watched and engaged. It’s always been fun and that is always thanks to you.