Costume Ban Opposition All Student Meeting 2014

The proposition to amend the Union by-laws regarding 'Themed Events' gave me the chance to do some real 'politicking' for a change... not that it was much of a change. The proposition sought to withdraw it rather blowing my prepared speech to pieces (honestly, it was Churchillian in nature.)

The 'speech' (generous) can be found in the link below, with the official opposition statement below it (you want 38 minutes in roughly... the rest is "other stuff"). 

Opposition to motion

Not only should the attempts by the proposers of this motion to withdraw it be enough to vote against the motion, the opposition to it is four fold.

Firstly: the motion appears to grant a blank cheque of complaint for anyone who takes offence to any form of fancy dress that members of the union wear to union events. The motion stretches intolerance to such a point that accusations of intolerance could be pointed at literally anyone and therefore misunderstands, and diminishes, real issues of racism, sexism, homophobia and other intolerances.

Secondly: the motion goes so far to isolate and alienate students who have no desire to engage with their union ALREADY that any further attempts to reduce any existing intolerances on our campus will be rendered futile.

Thirdly: this policy is so farcically unworkable that even if I did agree with the motion, which I quite clearly do not, it would be totally impossible to implement anyway.

Finally: in agreement with the proposition, this is not the correct forum or way to discuss issues of this nature. Rules are already in place to deal with complaints of this nature and whilst they may need amending, a wholesale policy of this kind is not what is needed.

Please vote NO to this motion, a position seemingly supported by both the proposition and this, the opposition. 

Seeing as we won by a landslide (928 against, 323 for and some people not giving a shit either way) I guess I should try this real politics every now and then.